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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Hey guys, I have a great tip for you guys this week.  Its actually a pretty simple one. When it comes to shopping online or in store, many of us fail to actually get what we want or if we do, it is not the size we need.  To combat this know your measurements ahead of time before shopping. 

I would highly suggest that you find a local seamstress or tailor, or even someone you know to properly measure you. 
You need to measure your chest, waist, and your inseam. 
These are general measurements that you will always use when you shop online or in shore. 
Knowing your measurements ahead of time makes your experience a whole lot easier and takes the guessing game out of picking a size that fits you.
For example,  you could possibly be 54 in your chest (3XL),
a 42 in your waist (2XL), have a 32 in. inseam (aka length from the crotch to the ankle).  

It may seem redundant to say but it is actually one of the most overlooked things I notice amongst my clients, and other individuals. Invest in pieces that fit!!! DO NOT force yourself into a garment that is too small to be uncomfortable. And DO NOT wear garments that are too big that you get lost in your clothing. A great fit is important in first, looking good. Second, ensuring that your comfortable. And lastly being confident in whatever it is that you are wearing. 

Comment down below. Do you agree with these tips? Do you already exercise this practice or plan on doing so in the future.
 I would love to hear what you think! 

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