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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Hey guys, we are continuing our Breaking the Mold series with this break out model from London.

David Fadd (@dxve_fxdd) is a plus size model who is currently signed to BRIDGE Models. He has been recently taking major leaps in the industry and I wanted to catch up with him about his experience as a plus model and influencer. And also get some words of wisdom from this plus size gent on confidence and style.


Hey David so happy to have the opportunity to interview you for the “Breaking the Mold a Garment at a Time” series here on Glad we have a chance to chit chat. I’ve been looking at your work and growth over the past few months and you truly sparked my interest, so I am eager and excited to speak with you today. 

"Ah! The pleasure is all mine, thank you so much for having me,I'm absolutely excited to get into it with you today." 

Alright David so lets jump right to it.  We know that you are signed to BRIDGE. What is it like being a signed model? How do you feel its aiding the plus size/ body positivity movement. 

"Being signed! Yeah that came completely out of the blue... It's been a great time so far, Its been about 5 / 6 months so far. It's definitely gotten a very warm reception from my immediate community which for me means another step closer to more accepting with variation in size/shape."

Do you feel that there is still room for improvement or expansion amongst the plus size community in the fashion industry in terms if brands, advertisement, collaboration, products, etc?

"Most definitely! I think we have come such a long way.... but there's an even longer way to go. We all come in different shapes and sizes, for example I'm 6ft4, 3XL, 44 waist, all of my wardrobe are things I've purchased online (Minus accessories & gifts) due to how impossible it can be to pop into the local NEXT for a jacket. I'm looking forward to the day where these big brands open PLUS stores everywhere! Ha Ha"

As a plus size model and influencer, what do you feel is your responsibility?

"I think its my responsibility to show everyone that I encounter that it's possible to be as Big & Tall as I am and still look as good. To show people that It's fine to not be able to find jeans in "TOPMAN" but its not your fault. To genuinely enjoy your size and own it. It's not about "Looking good for a big guy" its about "Looking good" and feeling comfortable to express yourself.”

What tips would you share with the plus size guy who isn’t that confident or is seeking ways to improve his image?

"Errrm... Tips! Firstly, Take responsibility for yourself and your size, understand your shape and what looks good on you. We all have different taste and styles, but understanding yours is a starting point. Secondly, understand that being a Plussize isn't a negative thing neither does it make you less than anyone else. Lastly, research and pay attention to details!! in some places I'm a 46 waist and a 2XL find find out about sizing and materials. Most Plussize models are "long legs and broad shoulders" like me, If you're not get to know bloggers & public figures that may have a similar build to you. Do your research!”

Are there any things that you may have faced that taught you major lessons in regards to this community?

“I’ve learned that being the person I want to be comes with opposition, a lot of hard work and remaining respectful and humble. Being a model you tend to hear a lot of criticism and its imperative to take it all on the chin.”

Where do you see the plus size male movement going in the next 3-5 years? 

“I see us getting further into the community! Fashion shows with Plus and Straight models alike. More campaigns  for Plus models. Agencies where theres no divide in size, if you have the look/appropriate form then thats it.”

You have a unique sense of style, where would you say you developed that from?

“Ah thanks Jay! You're too kind. I've always been aesthetically inclined, I studied a BA Graphic Design course and even in that I swayed more to the fashion editorial side of things. I guess my outlook has always been that the human body is like a blank page for one to fill as one would so desire and so a lot of my development came from there and general everyday interactions.”

What are some of your go to brands, or pieces to create your looks?

I'm enjoying ASOS a lot right now I think Scott (ASOS Plussize model) and I have a similar build so their clothing always fit me as the would him. To create a look a good pair of boots would usually be my go-to footwear right now.”

What’s next for you? Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

“Wow brilliant question! I see myself married hopefully haha!! .... I see myself really pushing forward as a Plus Model and really raising awareness and working hard to better my craft and hone my skills. I've had a lot of amazing experiences and met even more amazing people & I cant wait to do more of that.”

Do you find it easier working internationally versus the states, and why?

“I'm actually from London (Born and raised), But I've preferred working internationally myself. Theres a certain buzz and excitement for both myself and the client where they'd look after you and are open to opinions and trying new things. Although it normally means longer hours you get to learn so much, travel, appreciate other cultures and most times meet other models.”

Anything you want to add before concluding?

“Lastly, I just wanted to encourage every Plussize guy or girl reading this, feeling a bit down or lacking confidence where their size & shape is concerned. There is a place for you and that you reach that point of awakening Zack Miko describes "that no matter who you are you are beautiful because you are you, you are unique and special and attractive and valid." Thanks so much for having me on today Jay. Goodbye for now.”

Thank you David for being a part of this series. I wish you all the best in your modeling career. Keep pressing forward and making room for those to follow you!

You can follow David on Instagram @dxve_fxdd

Also comment down below. Share your thoughts and let me know what you think of the series. I would love to hear them. 

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