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Friday, December 1, 2017


Hello everyone long time no see I know. I went on a hiatus to focus on school and relieve myself of some pressure. I hope you guys missed me as much as I missed you guys.  As we all know its holiday season and Christmas is upon us. Although Black Friday has just passed there is still time to catch some holiday deals and get those last minute stocking stuffers and gifts to put under the tree.  Recently I partnered with Flagship. Flagship is an online market place works with quality independent brands that are hard to find.  Flagship is the place to discover these brands as well as shop from them. In their own words "Flagship represents one thing – people – real and true-to-life human beings who happen to make the best clothing in the world. The problem is you’ve never heard of them. We live in a world where without a multi-million dollar marketing budget, brands cannot compete." 

Flagship & I partnered up to create a holiday gift guide for you all featuring some of these awesome independent brands. I took my time to comb through these brands and I have discovered some amazing brands on this site that sell a variety of items from bags and watches, to hats and shoes. Here are 10 brands and some items I suggest taking a look at to stuff those stockings, and trim the tree with this holiday season.

1. Antler & Woods.
"Where country roads and street culture collide. Antler & Woods is inspired by busy city streets and dusty country roads. The quintessential travel companion is here to accompany you year round."

And they are true to that description. They offer some great quality pieces, in different prints and colors. They range in items from tanks to crew necks. What I like most is they go up to a 2x in the type of pieces they offer, which is often hard to find with brands such as these.
(Click the image above to be directed to this brands store on Flagship.)

2. QILO.
"Known for their simple, yet signature design the golden pineapple. The pineapple is the central motif of hospitality, and so Qilo strives to provide a welcoming and relaxed sense of style and silhouette."

What stuck out to me most about this brand is their aesthetic and quality. They have a good amount of items with a great color palette to choose from neutrals to pops of color. This brand does go up to 2x and also offers other pieces to choose from to add to any wardrobe. 

(Click the image above to be directed to this brands store on Flagship.)

3. Good Wood NYC.
GoodWood NYC crafts customizable wood accessories from pendants to bracelets to earrings, featuring recognizable icons in pop culture and a variety of timeless symbols.

If your looking for something eccentric, and different form the norm Good Wood NYC is a good place to start. They offer amazingly crafted wooden jewelry that is for both the simple and the adventurous type. A great stocking stuffer brand for this holiday season

(Click the image above to be directed to this brands store on Flagship.)

5. Artsac Workshop.
"Artsac Workshop is an urban casual collection of luggage and accessories which collaborates with up and coming artists and designers to combine experienced fashion design with bespoke artwork."

A brand that offers quality made bags for a variety of needs from laptop cases, to luggage. I love these bags. Bags that are simple, stylish, and practical. What more could you want?

A great last minute gift that you know will definitely get some use and not just thrown in the closet. 

(Click the image above to be directed to this brands store on Flagship.)

6. Skinny Tie Madness.
"Founded by Partha Sharma and his ambitious goals, the Skinny Tie Madness menswear design house strives to offer the world's largest selection of quirky ties in an array of colors, fabrics, and details."

I love the stylish ties this brand has to offer as much as the deals offered as well. The mix bundle which retails for $140.00 is now only $45.00. How amazing is that? Get on it while you still can. 

(Click the image above to be directed to this brands store on Flagship.)

7. Harrison Blake Apparel.

"Harrison Blake Apparel has found a way to deliver high quality men's accessories at a great price. The style and variety of products are sure to please any gentleman. With the inside knowledge and concepts of apparel manufacturing, we are able to provide high-quality men’s accessories to market at a reasonable price, providing luxury for all."

I have known about Harrison Blake apparel for some time now, and was excited to see the brand join a platform such as Flagship to expand the brand and grow. A brand dedicated to sophistication and style, this brands offers accessories from tie clips, to lapel pins, that both compliment any suit and give you that dapper look. Great stocking stuffers for this holiday season. 

(Click the image above to be directed to this brands store on Flagship.)

"Fusion Clothing is proud of their Slavic origin, but manifests in American soul. Inspired by the relevant elements of pop culture and conceptual music behind American streetwear, Fusion transfers art onto quality fabric."

I love the aesthetic of this brand, the almost futuristic look. I think these           would be a great gift for the holidays.

(Click the image above to be directed to this brands store on Flagship.)

9. Wind & Vibes.
"A life without spontaneity? Boring. A life without passion? Monotonous. A life without travel? Inconceivably. This triangle is motivation behind WIND & VIBES."

   Wind  & Vibes is you go to brand if you are looking to invest in a quality duffle bag    that is both stylish and practical. Made from premium quality fabrics and crafted to luxury perfection, these bags are an awesome addition to any wardrobe. 
(Click the image above to be directed to this brands store on Flagship.)

10. Moti.
"Hailing from Seattle, MOTI constructs universal timepieces that are both classic and functional, with an emphasis on purity and simplicity."

Quality universal timepieces that are both timeless and functional with an emphasis on purity and attention to detail. Love this brand and plan on purchasing a piece myself.

(Click the image above to be directed to this brands store on Flagship.)

Honorable Mentions:

This brand is not on Flagship yet but after speaking with the brand founder and building somewhat of a relationship with him via social media, I cannot wait for this brand to be discovered by people by using Flagship Market. Hopefully he will be on there soon but BBuddyBowties is an amazing luxury handcrafted bowtie brand. 

I spoke with the founder Benjamin Hopper about his brand. Here's what he had to say:

"I have always been a fashion fan, and even more so I've been enthusiastic with bow ties. I like the idea of dressing like a dapper man, and acting like one, while keeping a modern tone in every outfit. That tone often manifest in neutral colors and fabrics, to which, I simple applies to bow ties. When I got to college I joined a fraternity, ΧΦ, wherein I always needed to dress up. However, I didn't want to adopt the stereotypical style, so I diverted to making my own unique outfit accents.

Therefore, I started making bow ties in Burlap, Leather, Velvet, Denim, Flannel, and Suede. I assume people might ask about the name... I have to give credit to my brilliant girlfriend of almost 5 years. Her nick name for me is B-Buddy... so there ya have it! With the alliteration and all, it was just too simple. She also is the person who inspired me to open my bowtie shop because she opened her own Etsy store that makes Disney mouse ears and recently another store for Sorority shirts, earrings, packages."

I love this brand and the pieces he has to offer. I plan on picking up some holiday goodies for myself and sporting them in future looks on Jay.R's Wardrobe. If you want to shop BBuddyBowties he currently has a shop open on, Click here to be directed to his shop. 

Another Brand I want to mention is TheLOOKE. 

I stumbled across this brand on instagram and have been completely in love ever since. A brand offers signature stand out pieces from scarves and joggers to amazing quality hats and bags TheLOOKE is an amazing brand to shop from this holiday season! Click here to be directed to their site. 

I hope that you all enjoyed this holiday gift guide. I will be doing a short video on YouTube also discussing some of these brands so stay tuned for that. 

But wait! I have a major announcement! You can use my code JAYR1 at checkout for a 10% of your purchase. So not only do you get to stuff those stockings, but you get to save a couple dollars while doing so! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! & HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

Leave a comment down below and let me know if you see brands you like and/or may consider purchasing from this Christmas 

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  1. Cousin I’m so proud of you this post is super informative and thorough!!! Very great quality pieces that you selected!



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